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Crane Hire Available

New Liebherr LTM 1060-3.1

With 48m of live boom plus 16 metre fly making this crane a very versatile and great all-rounder. This crane supersedes the older Liebherr LTM 1055.

Kato CR130RF 13t City Crane

The 2019 Kato is a great addition for the Rex crew, with a 24m Boom plus Fly and searcher hook options and its ability to navigate restricted access areas and slabs.

20T Franna

A great crane for on site industrial / domestic and general lifting.

Rex can supply all size cranes and crews as required including tele handlers, booms and other access plant at very competitive prices.

We are currently supplying a 160T Crawler, 50T Rough Terrain, Booms and tele handler and operators / riggers to the Bass Point Quarry Project.


Crane Hire Crane Hire

High Rise Rigging

The Rex team have worked for various clients on diverse and unusual hi rise rigging projects around the country where access and other constraints provide unique challenges on the road to a successful outcome

We strive to find the most efficient and safest solutions to achieve the outcomes the particular project demands and give our client the best possible value for dollar.

Rex has recently completed the MLC project which produced many challenge's and our staff have worked over the years on such iconic sites such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Centre Point Tower, Erection and service of Sky Signs and mine site work. All which have required either Rope Access, Swing Stage's, BMU's and customised lifting devices

High Rise Rigging

Structural Steel Installation

The Rex team can erect your structural steel no matter how big or small.

Across the team we have experience in many facets of structural steel from industrial units to crusher plants we are only to happy to help a client get to where they need to be meeting target and budget constraints.

Structural Steel Installation

Architectural Steel & Glass Installation

The Rex team has had many years of experience in architectural steel erection and understand the tight tolerances we have to work with which usually coincides with Glass awnings and facade works

Architectural Steel & Glass Installation

Maintenance Shutdown Works

Maintenance Shutdown Works

High Rise Building Maintenance Units and Swing stages

The Rex team have experienced staff who can install swing stages and carry out the service requirements on your BMU.

We can carry out load tests and inspections for anchor points around the building which can go hand in hand with many of the above capabilities the Rex team are proficient in and helping to meet our client's needs.

High Rise Building Maintenance Units

High Rise AC Condenser Platforms and Electrical Services

The Rex team have experience in the installation and removal of AC units and platforms from roof tops to internal units ,We can also meet many of our client's HVAC requirements

The Rex Team Electricians can solve your Lighting and power problems along with switchboard issues be it a fault or a new Installation required

High Rise AC Condenser Platforms

Machinery Installation

Machinery Installation